Tips & Tricks

Rinsing Before the Test

Before using the Vet-Tab saliva test, rinse your dog’s mouth with water (either by having your dog lick up some water or use a plastic syringe to administer a little squirt). Your dog will make fresh saliva by swallowing the water, and it doesn’t interfere with the glucose test!


Tab Insertion

Support the tab along the length of your index finger (with the glucose pad facing OUT) and insert into your dog’s jowl with the pad facing the cheek. Please be careful to avoid scraping the gums/teeth!

Place the tab carefully on the carton template so that it covers ALL the pink in the middle channel and that the glucose pad is aligned in a row with the reference colors at the top of the template.


As best you can, try to use a more direct lighting source that is overhead the carton, as shadows on the carton template will lower the accuracy of results!

Avoid areas that are very dark or too bright!

Avoid using the flash button as it may whitewash the image.


Image Capture

If the viewfinder starts off blurry, try lightly tapping the screen with your finger to focus the camera!



Get into a routine of doing it at the same time and make it a bonding experience for you and your furry four-legged friend!


Use the time to give lots of love and attention to your dog so they associate the time with enjoyment!

Currently, pets on regular and high doses of medications with antioxidant behavior including a L-Tyroxine and 4 drugs treating anti-anxiety, pain, seizure, or aggression or those dogs with dry mouths are not good candidates for Vet-Tab. The app will work when you are wifi connected on most iPhone and Androids with operating systems of 6 and higher. Contact us with questions at [email protected].