As a pet parent of a diabetic dog, you dislike lancing your pet to draw blood to use a blood glucose meter to monitor glucose levels. You may inject daily without monitoring your pets' glucose at home, which can be dangerous. Monitoring at a veterinary practice can be expensive and inconvenient.

Vet-Tab allows you to painlessly monitor your dog's glucose through saliva at home. If you choose, you can email at-home results to your veterinarian to provide better care. Your dog is healthy and safe. Vet-Tab is a win/win/win.

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The first month's subscription to use the Vet-Tab system is normally $24.99, a 50% discount. Test supplies are FREE with an active subscription.

After the first month, subsequent subscriptions to use the Vet-Tab system are:

  • $39.99/month with a six month prepayment (save $60.00)
  • $44.99/month with a three month prepayment (save $15.00)
  • $49.99/month on a monthly basis

"I'm thrilled and excited for all pet parents to have a reliable product that is affordable and easier to use. Many are afraid to test their pet's blood glucose, so this will insure the safety and treatment of their pets!"  – A pet parent

Currently, pets on regular and high doses of medications with antioxidant behavior including a L-Tyroxine and 4 drugs treating anti-anxiety, pain, seizure, or aggression or those dogs with dry mouths are not good candidates for Vet-Tab. The app will work when you are wifi connected on most iPhone and Androids with operating systems of 6 and higher. Contact us with questions at [email protected].