Emma’s Success Story


When her dog Emma was first diagnosed as diabetic, Linda Bahr went straight to the internet and searched for dog diabetes information.

In the fall of 2017, Linda found a new, painless way to monitor her diabetic dog, Emma, was being developed. She said, “I dread Emma being a pin cushion. Thank you!! I can't not wait!!! So excited!!!!”

In the fall of 2018, Linda was one of the first pet owners to purchase test supplies to try the Vet-Tab system for herself.

Recently Linda tested Emma’s blood glucose and saw that it was low. She gave Emma a snack and then tested Emma’s glucose again a bit later. Emma’s glucose was better after the snack.

“Thanks to Vet-Tab. I love this new way of testing Emma. Soooo easy to use!!!”

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Currently, pets on regular and high doses of medications with antioxidant behavior including a L-Tyroxine and 4 drugs treating anti-anxiety, pain, seizure, or aggression or those dogs with dry mouths are not good candidates for Vet-Tab. The app will work when you are wifi connected on most iPhone and Androids with operating systems of 6 and higher. Contact us with questions at [email protected].