Payne Skersick

Hello! My name is Payne Skersick, and I am currently a fourth-year student at the University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy. One more year and I will Dr Payne Skersick – so close! Though I may not be in a School of Veterinary Medicine, I have the knowledge and resources to provide input on any of your medication-related questions for your furry loved-one.

I began working with the technical staff at Vet-Tab in 2018 when the product was still in the research and development phase, investigating any medication-related questions posed by the investigators. After reconnecting in my final year of pharmacy school, it was brought to my attention that many pet owners struggle with the management of their pet’s diabetes and concomitant medications.

And that’s what I’m here for – to provide input or additional resources on any of your
medication-related questions and concerns to the best of my ability. I’m willing to help you and your beloved family member, whenever needed! I encourage you to continue keeping up with your regular veterinarian as they know your pet best. But if you have any medication-related concerns with regard to Vet-Tab, you know where to find me.

Currently, pets on regular and high doses of medications with antioxidant behavior including a L-Tyroxine and 4 drugs treating anti-anxiety, pain, seizure, or aggression or those dogs with dry mouths are not good candidates for Vet-Tab. The app will work when you are wifi connected on most iPhone and Androids with operating systems of 6 and higher. Contact us with questions at [email protected].