Painlessly Monitor Your Pup's Glucose At Home To Keep Them Safe.

Vet-Tab is $24.99 for first month. 50% off the regular price

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  • Avoid lancing your pet to draw blood.
  • Track results with our Smart Phone App.
  • Email results to your veterinarian for better care.
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TRY Vet-Tab NOW!

Subscribe now to receive 50% off the first month
FREE test supplies with subscription
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Thank you. So glad I found Vet-Tab.

It's so much easier than pricking. Thanks for all your encouragement and directions. Made it so much more comfortable for taking care of Lily.


TRY Vet-Tab NOW!

Subscribe now to receive 50% off the first month
FREE test supplies with subscription

Easy To Use Tabs & Smart Phone Application

Vet-Tab is $49.99/month and includes our iOS/Android App, glucose test kit, caring customer support, and unlimited testing tabs (no shipping costs).
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FREE unlimited supplies with subscriptions
I'm thrilled and excited... for all pet owners to have a reliable product that is affordable and easier to use. Many are afraid to test their pet's blood glucose, so this will insure the safety and treatment of their pets!
– Feedback from a pet owner

Testimonials from owner of happy pets...

Dr. Rasor, practicing in an AAHA hospital, likes Vet-Tab. "Owners see when the pet patient’s blood sugar is persistently high and the dog needs to see a veterinarian."

One of her clients, Rocky, didn’t monitor the glucose of his diabetic dog, Samson, because Rocky struggled with lancing Sampson to use a portable blood glucose meter.

Dr. Rasor recommended Rocky use Vet-Tab to painlessly test Samson’s saliva to determine his glucose. The chart below of Samson’s at-home test data shows that his glucose was going up, an insight not previously available to either Rocky or Dr. Rasor. After seeing this data, Rocky scheduled a visit with Dr. Rasor to examine Samson and help get him better regulated. Dr. Rasor also discussed the complications of diabetes that Samson might suffer, like cataracts, that Rocky should keep an eye out for.

Vet-Tab is a win/win/win solution. Samson is healthier. Rocky didn't have to lance Samson to determine his glucose. Monitoring Vet-Tab resulted in an office visit to Dr. Rasor when Rocky needed her assistance.


When her dog Emma was first diagnosed as diabetic, Linda Bahr went straight to the internet and searched for dog diabetes information.

In the fall of 2017, Linda found a new, painless way to monitor her diabetic dog, Emma, was being developed. She said, “I dread Emma being a pin cushion. Thank you!! I can't not wait!!! So excited!!!!”

In the fall of 2018, Linda was one of the first pet owners to purchase test supplies to try the Vet-Tab system for herself.

Recently Linda tested Emma’s blood glucose and saw that it was low. She gave Emma a snack and then tested Emma’s glucose again a bit later. Emma’s glucose was better after the snack.

“Thanks to Vet-Tab. I love this new way of testing Emma. Soooo easy to use!!!”

Dr. Rasor

Dr. Mayers, practicing in an AAHA hospital, asked Beth to use Vet-Tab to do an blood glucose curve of her diabetic dog, Chloe, at-home where the dog was less stressed.

Beth says, "I really like Vet-Tab. It is easy to use. Testing at-home with Vet-Tab is more convenient. I don't have to stick Chloe or take off time form work to care her, and that’s less stressful on me too.”

Beth liked the reminder messages texted to her phone. “I like the encouraging messages that I am doing the right thing."

When asked what she would tell pet owners new to Vet-Tab, she said, "It is convenient and easy to do. I don't have to stick my dog to monitor her glucose."


Vet-Tab comes with the First Month Money-Back Guarantee.

if you’re not satisfied with our product, we will refund your money!

FREE unlimited supplies with subscriptions

Frequently Asked Questions

Vet-Tab was developed in side by side testing of saliva and venous blood analyzed by large scale chemistry equipment in veterinary practices. Vet-Tab is +/- 20% of the blood measured this way.

On the bottom menu bar of the Vet-Tab app there is a shopping cart. Tap that and follow the steps to have more free supplies sent directly to your home.

On the bottom of the menu bar in the Vet-Tab app there is a TEST icon. Tap that and you will see the button with an envelope to SHARE your results by email with your veterinarian.

Painlessly monitor glucose
with Vet-Tab to keep your diabetic
friend healthy and safe.

Vet-Tab is $24.99 for first month.

50% off the regular price

First Month

Currently, pets on regular and high doses of medications with antioxidant behavior including a L-Tyroxine and 4 drugs treating anti-anxiety, pain, seizure, or aggression or those dogs with dry mouths are not good candidates for Vet-Tab. The app will work when you are wifi connected on most iPhone and Androids with operating systems of 6 and higher. Contact us with questions at [email protected].