It takes me forever to collect enough saliva to turn that practice pad purple

You can take the practice tab out check it and then continue collecting to get the time it takes your pup to saturate the pad and change it from yellow to purple. If it stays orangy, then Vet-Tab may not work for you.

Why are there two pads on the glucose test strip?

The pad at the end is for glucose. The other pad is a control telling us whether the saliva is clean.

If there is ANY color in the control pad, there is an interference in the saliva and the test is invalid.

This could be from food residues or irritated and bleeding.

It is usually easily washed away. Try using a small 5-10cc plastics syringe filled with TAP water. Gently peel back your pups jowl and squirt along the teeth way back to rinse the area. In rinsing your pup will start to salivate giving you a fresh clean sample. Wait one minute before collecting saliva with a new glucose tab

If this control pad continues to show color even with persistent rinsing then this system will not work for your pup.

The app is not taking a picture after I tap the red camera?

Ok if you tap the red camera and it never “captures” the image to determine the blood glucose from the saliva tab, there may be a few different reasons

  1. Make sure you have placed the glucose test tab inside the outline on the template. Not at an angle or above the outline. Only the side without an indicator pad should be hanging off the template box.

  2. Try lifting and lowering your phone over the template side of the carton slowly. You might be moving a bit too fast, up and down, while you are bringing the phone towards/away from the template on the carton.
  3. Try bracing your arms on the back of a chair to keep the phone steady. The app is really trying to find accurate measurements and so takes a steady hand.
  4. Be careful not to tilt the phone forward backwards or side to side. Holding the phone flat over the carton will make it easier to match the red rectangles in the app and on the template.
  5. Try moving into an area with better lighting - most overhead lighting or sunlight through a window works well. Avoid dark rooms and direct sunlight.

I am getting "Screen Overlay Detected" message showing. What's going wrong?

This problem appear because of some culprit application like Twilight, cleaner-master, drupe, etc.. To solve this problem you have to disable screen overlay for those culprit apps. 

  1. Go to Settings > Apps > (your app which is getting issue)
  2. Press on Power button till window for Power off , reboot , airplane mode comes up
  3. Hold on Power off option
  4. Select reboot in Safe mode
  5. Go to settings > apps > (your app which is getting issue)
  6. Select whichever permissions you want

Hope this solves the problem

My dog keeps getting blood on her tabs and I cannot use them. How can I keep from cutting her gums? She has a very small, sensitive mouth.

The best way to avoid drawing blood is to 'shield' them from the corners of the tab. You can do this by holding the tab against your index finger and insert your entire finger in your dog's jowl. Slide the back of your finger along the teeth with the test tab facing the fleshy part of the jowl. Try watching the unboxing video for help.

You can also use scissors to trim the corners of the tab near the collection pad. DO NOT trim the saliva collection pad or it will interfere with readings. This helps to make the corners less severe.

If you still get blood on your sample, try rinsing your dog's mouth and waiting for 1min before collecting it with a new test tab. Use a small 5 -10cc plastic syringe filled with tap water to gently rinse along the teeth to the back of the jowl.

When the view box rectangle is at odds with the carton rectangle, try turning off our auto rotate lock. On iPhones this can be found when you swipe up from the bottom or down from the top right. Look for an icon with a lock in a circular arrow like this in iPhone. Tap this icon and it will lock or unlock.

The rectangle on my app is flipped perpendicular to the one red rectangle on the carton

In android it is a lock in a rectangle and can be found in different places depending on the android model. If you are stuck finding it contact us at [email protected] and will send you further instructions.

I cannot tell if my tabs are dry. Sometimes the color only comes on one side of the tab or only on the edges but not the center. Can the app still read these tabs?

The Vet-Tab kit includes practice tabs to help you determine how long to collect saliva to make sure that the pad is saturated. Use that time to collect saliva on the glucose test tab. You should be able to be able to see the saliva coating the pad and making it a bit shiny.

The app will do its best to read tabs that are semi-wetted or non-uniform in color. But, the app gives most accurate results on tabs that are fully wetted and have reacted for the full 30s reaction time after collection.

My dog has sensitive gums and gets irritated when I collect from his jowl. Can I collect from another location like on top of the tongue or under the tongue?

The Vet-Tab is only designed to measure glucose in saliva from the jowl. Saliva from other locations in the mouth has other chemical components and glucose concentrations that the app is not set up to read. This may cause inaccurate readings.

If your dog has sensitive gums, you can try snipping the corners off your tab to avoid poking his gums. If your pup bleeds during saliva you can try rinsing their jowl with a 5-10cc plastic syringe filled with tap water. If there is still blood on the glucose test strip, then your pup is not a good candidate for Vet-Tab. We’re sorry.

My dog is on a couple different medications for his other conditions. Will these interfere with my glucose readings?

There are some medications that are known to interfere with the Vet-Tab system and give inaccurate results. Unfortunately, your pup is not be a good candidate for Vet-Tab if they are on Fluoxetine, Alprazolam, Tramadol, Gabapentin, or L-Thyroxine. If you are unsure of what medication your pet is on, contact your veterinarian. Or if know the medication and want to be sure it does not interfere, contact [email protected].

Some medications will have dry-mouth as a side effect that will make it difficult to collect enough saliva to saturate the pads for an accurate result. If it takes more than 60 seconds to turn the yellow practice pad to purple, then you pup is not a good candidate for Vet-Tab.

My dog is squirmy and I have difficulty collecting a sample. Is there a better way for me to collect a sample?

Fortunately, many squirmy dogs eventually get accustomed to the Vet-Tab system as part of their routine after a few times of inserting your finger in their jowl and massaging. Like with any pet training, be sure to praise and reward good behavior (however, do not give any food or treats before using the Vet-Tab system).

The best way to keep a squirmy dog still during collection is to use a two-hand technique. Support the glucose test tab on the index finger of the first hand and as you slide that finger inside their jowl your other fingers curl into a fist under the pups which helps keep their mouth closed during saliva collection. Use your other hand on top of the head to help hold it steady as well as too scratch/pet to calm the dog. Try watching the unboxing video.

If you have trouble, we suggest trying to find another person to help you with collections until the dog becomes more accustomed to the system. If your dog is inclined to bite, the system may not work well for you.

My dog just finished eating. How long do I have to waiting until I can test?

If you get a suspiciously high reading right after your dog has finished a meal, it may be in part due to food in their saliva that interfere with the readings on the glucose test. It best to test before feeding or at least an hour afterward. If you just fed your pup and need to get a reading, wait for 15 minutes and encourage the pup to drink. It also helps to rinse their jowl with tap water from a 5-10cc plastic syringe inside the jowl along the gums. After their mouth has been 'rinsed', wait 1 minute then use a fresh glucose test tab to collect saliva.

My partner and I both take turns checking our dog's glucose levels in the morning and at night. Will our data save differently since we are using different phones?

As long as your use one email on BOTH phones, your will both be able to see the pups results. Regardless of the phone model being used, all data taken email login will report to the same veterinarian.

How do I get more supplies?

On the bottom menu bar of the Vet-Tab app there is a shopping cart. Tap that and follow the steps to have more free supplies sent directly to your home.

How can my vet see my pup’s at home glucose results?

On the bottom of the menu bar in the Vet-Tab app there is a TEST icon. Tap that and you will see the button with an envelope to SHARE your results by email with your veterinarian.

I have two diabetic dogs. How do I use Vet-Tab to test and journal each pup’s results?

You certainly have your hands full, kudos to you! A pet's records are tied to the email you used to log in with. For now one email = one pet folder. We are working on adding multiple pets so please contact [email protected] for more info on when that will be released.

I live outside the United States. Can you send me Vet-Tab?

Right now, we only have distribution with free shipping within the United States. We’re working on distribution in other countries so please contact [email protected] for more info on when that will be possible.

Vet-Tab can’t be accurate. My tab read over 600mg/dl

Check that you have placed a glucose tab on the carton template and not the yellow or purple practice tab.


How accurate is Vet-Tab?

Vet-Tab was developed in side by side testing of saliva and venous blood analyzed by large lab scale chemistry equipment in veterinary practices. Vet-Tab is +/-20% of the blood measured this way.

The Vet-Tab results at home are not the same as when I bring my pup to the vet’s office, why?

Blood glucose is changes with time since food and insulin and with stress. When the saliva and blood tests are done at different times and different places the glucose results are likely different. If these tests were done at the same time then there could be a few more reasons why the blood and saliva test do not match.

  • You may need more saliva to saturate the pads for the color to develop uniformly
  • If the saliva test pad has a blood drop or food on it, if the color is highly irregular, or if there are dark brown or green spots, the results will not correlate.
  • If the glucose test pads are uniform but not coloring at all then there may be an interference in the saliva. Check that your pup is not taking one of the medications that prevents Vet-Tab from detecting the glucose: Alprazolam, Gabapentin, Fluoxetine, Tramadol and L-Thyroxine. Ask your vet is there is an alternative.

What is the expiration date

The glucose tabs will not expire for 6 months after they were shipped to you if they are not exposed to 130F/54C or more and if the canister is not left open. We advise closing the closing the canister lid and storing the kit in the refrigerator when not in use.

How do I delete glucose data points?

Not to worry. There is an edit button (a pencil in a circle) on the TEST page in the app.

Has there been testing done using your product and saliva monitoring on cats? Does it work with cats?

We are in the early testing stages for cats and while promising, the product is not currently tuned for diabetic cats.